Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fairy tale update and a Writer's Workshop Freebie

Aloha blogger friends!

I wanted to stop by quickly to post my lesson plans for the week. I am going to Mexico on Friday and worked today to get prepared for my awesome sub "Mrs. Chrissie" next week as well. We are super busy with fairy tales, balance and motion and maps around here. There are a few pictures below...we had snow up on Mauna Kea! Have a wonderful week friends!!

This is the view from my classroom of Mauna Kea. Can you see it behind the trees? There is a little snow on the top. It is fun for our kiddos to see. Some of them were lucky enough to go visit it or to have some brought down to play with.

During the month of February we learn all about Europe. Each week we learn about a different country: England, France, Germany and Italy. This week is our last week, so we will be learning about Italy...mainly Venice!

Of course here is a freebie for elipsis poster! Just right click and print it as a picture.